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Are the photos of this website free of rights ?
No. The visualization is available to all, but the reproduction for commercial purpose (press, Publishing, corporate, advertising) needs the author's consent and the payment fees.
Are the photos of this website available for private use?
Yes, as long they are printed on paper or digital medium resolution (1600 x 800 px) as you can order them through the online shop.
Can I share those photos in Social Media?
You are welcome to share through the social media buttons placed here and there, but only a link will show up on your personal page(s). To share a full photo, you need to buy a medium resolution file through the online shop.
What is the size of the files available on this website?
There are only medium resolution photos (1600x800 px) suitable for any electronic use but improper for any professional kind of reproduction. To get High Resolution files, you need to order them specifically through the lighbox.
How to download a medium resolution file (for Press, Publishing, corporate use only)
  1. Click on “profile”. If you already have an account, type you login and password. If you don’t have one, click on “Create an account”, fill the form and validate. You will receive an email confirming that your request has been sent.
  2. We will review and treat your demand as soon we receive it and inform you per email that you are allowed to download, which includes a small delay.
  3. Click on download pictogram located below each thumbnail or on the right side of the enlarged versions. Download starts automatically.
  4. Use the lightbox to download several photos at once if needed.
How to order a High Resolution file ?
  1. Connect as indicated before
  2. Click on the “box” pictogram located beside each thumbnail or on the right side of the enlarged versions to select the image(s) you need
  3. Click on “lightbox”, then click on the number of media to open the detail sheet.
  4. Click on the “envelop” pictogram, fill the necessary fields and validate to send. Give us as many details as you can about the intent use. You will receive a duplicata.
  5. Unless we have questions, you will receive your photos via FTP server or We Transfer.
How much are the fee for Professional use?
It is not possible to automate the fees for a professional use because they are run by many different unknown to us like the type of reproduction, type of support, size, quantities, duration, countries etc. Thank you to contact us and to give as much information as you can so we can reply with a quote as soon as possible.
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